Office & Industrial Series

The Office & Industrial Advantage

For more than a decade, Cole REITs have acquired and operated net-lease, single-tenant, mission-critical properties such as corporate headquarters, key distribution centers and warehouses.

Creditworthy corporations need high-quality real estate to conduct business, regardless of the industry. “Mission-critical” properties such as a major operating facility or a strategically-located distribution center serve a critical role in daily operations of a corporation’s business.

With net-lease real estate, the tenant, not the landlord, is responsible for monthly rental payments, as well as the majority of the property operating costs including insurance and real estate taxes. Corporate tenants with specific business needs often invest their own capital to customize the property, which means they are less likely to vacate due to prohibitive costs and disruption to their business.1 This equates to greater predictability of rental income, lower costs and expenses to manage properties, and greater resistance to market downturns.

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Corporate Net-Lease O&I Brochure

Office & Industrial Characteristics

The Cole Net-Lease office and industrial investment strategy is focused on acquiring real estate in strategic locations leased to creditworthy tenants on long-term net leases.

Office and Industrial Characteristics
Creditworthy Tenants
  • Industry-leading companies
  • Strong credit rating or proven financial track record
Lease Term
  • Net leases (NN or NNN),where tenant is responsible for taxes and maintenance
  • Long-term lease (10+ years) with contractual rent increases and corporate backed lease guarantees
Strategic Locations
  • Sole/strategic location for corporate operation
  • Strong employment base/local economy
  • Close proximity to ports, railways, major freeways and interstate highways

Current Office & Industrial Offering

Cole Office & Industrial REIT, Inc. (CCIT III)

Closed Office & Industrial Offering

Cole Office & Industrial REIT, Inc. (CCIT II)

Past Office & Industrial Offering

Cole Corporate Income Trust, Inc. (CCIT)

CCIT was a public, non-listed REIT that started raising capital in 2011 and invested primarily in single-tenant income-producing necessity office and industrial real estate leased to creditworthy tenants under long-term, net leases. In January 2015, CCIT merged with Select Income REIT (NASDAQ: SIR). The transaction reflected a positive total return for CCIT stockholders.

There is no guarantee that any CCO Group program will replicate these types of liquidity events, if at all, and the programs are not required to effect a liquidity event at any time. The programs have limited liquidity as there is no public market, and one may never exist, for shares of common stock. Please consult the Prior Performance Summary and Appendix A — Prior Performance Tables sections of any Cole REIT prospectus for a further discussion as certain Cole REIT programs, including CCIT, have experienced adverse business developments.

1) There are risks that a tenant may fail to fulfill their lease obligations or vacate the property. 2) Double net lease (NN) is a lease under which the tenant agrees to pay all operating expenses associated with the property (e.g., real estate taxes, insurance, maintenance), but excludes some or all major repairs (e.g. roof, structure, parking lot). Triple net lease (NNN) is a lease under which the tenant agrees to pay all expenses associated with the property (e.g., real estate taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs).

The properties shown are owned by CCIT III.