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Cole Net-Lease Assets

Cole Net-Lease Assets

We are pleased to announce that on February 1, 2018 an affiliate of CIM Group® (CIM®) acquired Cole Capital from VEREIT. In connection with the acquisition, Cole Capital Corporation, Cole’s broker-dealer subsidiary, has been renamed CCO Capital, LLC.

The names of each of the Cole REITs© remain unchanged. The structure and operations of the Cole REITs, including distributions, offering periods, valuation schedules and other key details, should continue without disruption.

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Potential Benefits of Commercial Real Estate

Consistent Distributions

Relatively consistent distributions2


Portfolio diversification

Reduced portfolio volatility

Reduced portfolio volatility
through a low level of correlation to public markets3

potential for capital appreciation

The potential for capital appreciation2

Our Investment Strategies

Retail Series
Retail Series - Home Image

Investment portfolios composed of single-tenant retail properties and anchored shopping centers

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Office & Industrial Series
Office & Industrial Series - Home Image

Investment portfolios composed of single-tenant corporate offices and mission-critical industrial facilities

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Daily NAV
Daily NAV - Home Image

Continuously-offered REIT composed of single-tenant retail properties, anchored shopping centers and single-tenant corporate assets

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More than
14 Years
of Net-Lease Commercial
Real Estate Experience

Acquired More Than
$22 Billion
in Assets1

Non-Listed REITs since 2004

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1) Data as of 09/30/2017. There is no guarantee that any CCO Group program will replicate these types of liquidity events, if at all, and the programs are not required to effect a liquidity event at any time. The programs have limited liquidity as there is no public market, and one may never exist, for shares of common stock. There is no guarantee that any CCO Group program will achieve its investment objectives.

2) There is no guarantee that shareholders will receive a distribution, and distributions have been paid from proceeds from the offerings, from borrowings or from the sale of assets. Fees and expenses associated with the management of the REITs will impact the ability to pay distributions and the effects of any capital appreciation. There is no guarantee that the shares of the REITs and the underlying properties will appreciate in value. Commercial real estate performs differently than other asset classes such as stocks or bonds. An investment in a non-listed REIT is not a direct investment in commercial real estate.

3) Prospective shareholders should be aware that returns and volatility may not have a favorable effect on their portfolio. Prospective shareholders should consider their ability to withstand the lack of liquidity and price transparency. The REIT may exhibit volatility even though its securities are not listed on a national securities exchange.